Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Adventures with a Horse Jockey

Many moons ago, I was at the driving range hitting some golf balls with my 7 iron, when a short man booked the lane next to mine. The driving range was empty on a weekday mid-afternoon, so it was strange to find someone took up a bay next to an occupied one. But I ignored thinking that it could be his favourite spot although he doesn’t look local and he was an unfamiliar face at the country club.

Although I am not a good golfer, and so far have only managed to attain a PC, I was very well-dressed like a golf professional. I live my life by a motto. If you can’t play like Tiger Woods, might as well look good and confident. Back then I was crazy about Titleist because the logo is pretty. All my gears were fully self-sponsored by Tilteist from head to toe. A hefty price to pay to look good, but it felt great.

With my tight white mini skirt and baby pink polo top from Ralph Lauren, I sizzled up the entire driving range. Soon I noticed the short man robotically paced up and down to fetch the golf balls from the dispensing machine even though he already had 4 baskets of them.

Intentionally, I was on a stance which naturally revealed my perky ass, slightly lowered my upper body  and showed my cleavage. I confidently aimed for 200m.

I felt someone was staring at me. The cute short man. I looked up and he grinned at me. I stopped and looked at him and smiled. He returned the smile with a confrontation. He complimented my swing and thought it was perfect (BULLSHIT!) and my posture was excellent. Short men can get on your nerves but I don’t mind some fun. He was as tall as I was. So he felt comfortable taking on a petite Asian woman like me. Several short leading questions led to the real motive. He asked if I was interested to grab a drink at the Beer Garden. I agreed.

Dear readers, let me introduce my specimen number xxxth. His name was Al*x*s residing in an ang moh country (cannot share his location!). He was a horse jockey at Singapore Turf Club. We chatted, half the time I couldn’t understand what he was talking about because his tongue twisted and curled liked barbecued squid. Five minutes into the conversation I began to fantasize about how it would be like to fuck a short man. No harm trying as long there is the handy-candy condom.

Most times, I love my life. I met so many men who yearn to jiggle with me, who lust for me. And every time it’s different and I’m tempted to try these new delicacies. 

He sounded Italian but of course he is NOT Italian. 

He asked for my number, I willingly gave. The next few days we exchanged smses. He asked me out, we went out several times before I gave him the indication I was ready for jiggle.  After a wet and wild tongue rolling action and groping session, I hinted that I was okay about getting laid.

One fateful night, Al*x*s picked me up in a Beemer. Fancy, I Likeee! He opened the car door for me. Very gentlemanly. I LIKE! We ended up at Clarke Quay before it was renovated. HAHA that was ages ago huh! I can't remember the name of the restaurant but I do remember the dinner was quick because we had a naughty plan that night. That year, on Friday the 13th, it was my first ever fuck with a short man who was horse jockey at Singapore Turf Club. How rare can that be!

We kissed non-stop as though we were in lip-locking competition. Our tongues were naturally glued with industrial adhesives. Once he opened his house door, he ran to bed room with his hands held to mine. I laid down on the luscious water bed with purple linens. So soft and silky. I had a tingling sensation when the linens brushed against my skin. For this, Al*x*s got my two thumbs up!

So, we fucked on the bed. He doesn't have long cock, just an average johnny. The deed was decent. After cleaning up myself, I put on his shirt and lured him will my sultry eyes. I did a sexy lap dance. He got super turned on. I made him sit on a chair. I took my silk scarf and tied up his hands. I took my G-string and covered his eyes. We didn't talk. I just let my lips and tongue did the talking. I started by kissing his lips, moved up to his cheeks, moved down again to his neck, moved up to lick his ears and gave a little moan. I unbuttoned the shirt that I put on earlier, exposed my pointy nipples and brushed those ripe cherries on his face and lips. I began to work my way down, move to kiss his neck again, then chest and nibbled gently on his nipples. I wanted it to be as sensuous as it can be.

I had to release him from his pain. Poor little guy, he was whimpy and begged me to stop torturing him. Of course I gladly untied his hands. In a jiffy, he grabbed my body, carried me to the living room and laid me on the couch. It was bright and I could see him clearly. He thrusted his hotdog inside and I felt a rush of adrenaline.  I came 11 times that night. Don't get me wrong. He wasn't good. I was just freaking horny. Every month, one week before my menses I will be transformed into a horny monstress. I'm always 'wetter' than usual and feel like a warm chocolate lava cake. On the couch alone I came 4 times. So far, the naughty night went well.

I love the kissing moment with my partners. When I kiss, I will naturally close my eyes. When I climax, I will naturally close my eyes. But when I accidentally opened my eyes for my fifth homecoming, I was shocked to see that Al*x*s eyes didn't blink. They were wide open. My fifth homecoming orgasm was stopped short because I was surprised and somewhat shocked to see his expression like this (see below).

So I stared back at him because he stared at me while he was fucking me. I supposed it was natural for him to have a shock expression when he fuck. I was not happy with what I saw. It lasted for good 15 minutes. He didn't blink. Not once. I waited and watched till I turned dry down south. Nope. No blink. For a while, I thought I was fucking an alien.

Before the deed, I had imagined Al*x*s to have a pleasant O-face. For the record, he had the ugliest O-face that I have EVER seen in my entire life! His eyes locked in place and froze. His mouth was distorted and his body twitched violently. Some say it was pure surrendering like sneezing, but how I wished it was more delectable.

I didn't enjoy the couch session. After he came, I became reserved and quiet. I left about 10 mins later with an excuse that I had to meet my friends for supper.

I ignored his phone calls and smses for follow up sessions.  Al*x*s confessed that he loved me and thought I was godsend. Wow! Whenever I think of it now, I feel nausea and will turn pale. Oh dear, what a sexperience.

teddy hugs,


  1. Waited a month for your new posting. I like your writing. Keep posting! Just wondering, how many condoms do you normally use for a session? Which brand do you prefer? Do you have condoms in your bag? or your partners will get them at the last minute?

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  2. Sorry sweetie. I just got back from biz trip again. Suddenly, we have a lot projects, so my company had to send down a sexy lady to clinch some deals. haha.

    Weekends, usually 6 candies. Weekdays max 2 candies. Public Holidays max 10 candies.
    Getaways, countless!

    My personal fav is Crown SS. Usually when i travel I will buy boxes of it. So far I have no problems with all brands EXCEPT Durex. The last time I used their condom, my labia got swollen. When I was 19, me and bf bought Durex play lub, I couldn't pee normally for the next two days. I'm allergic to all Durex products. Yikes!

    I packed the candies together with my essentials - sanitary pad and tampons. You may never know when you will get lucky ;)

    Most white cocks i met store their stash of candies somewhere - could be their wallets or in their rooms. It is something that our Singapore men don't really practice.


  3. Well. My fav is Okamoto. A female friend introduced that to me as I complaint that my ex-gf told me that she is allergic to Durex. I went to 7-eleven to get it. Super thin materials. I did not told her and put on just before entering her. She thought i wasn't wearing any and told me to be careful and pull out when i was ready to ejaculate.. She does not want me to stop. She was surprised when she saw what i was putting on in the end.. Did you have any adventure during your bz trip? How do you get your men on weekends?

  4. I could not come with a condom. I can fuck for hours and could not come with a condom.

    Take it off, and I'll just no more than 5 minutes (I make up my lack of stamina with quantity. I could come, put it back in and start fucking again immediately; for the next 7 sessions)

    I have a tool is thick with popping veins. Putting on a condom is suffocating it. I DON"T LIKE CONDOMS.

  5. The facial expression shown was hilarious. Did you scared to death that he had heart attack. Haha. What a turn off that spoil the mood.

    ~Ace Spade

  6. Hi, that was a very interesting adventure u had there. I guess the facial expression was indeed a real shocker. I had a sex partner previously tat whenever she is cumming, her facial expression is like as though she is suffocating. gave me a real scare the first time, luckily she was a damn good screamer too. If not it would have been a real turn off. Btw for me, condoms r good only if they r put on by my partner and the real skillful ones can put it on me using their mouth. Oh boy. Wish your sexventure be as exciting always. Yiiieeehaaa!


  7. Very interesting read. Like reading a Liverpool sex book in the old days. Wonder why young gals nowadays would want to publicise their private life, or is it just a narrative story, living out your fantacies?


  8. I must say it's enjoyable reading your blog, at some conjuncture i admire your sexventures. Imagine married but no sex life, how dry can you get.

  9. A sexy lady to clinch the deals? With your pouty luscious lips? :P
    And a few candies thrown in for the cute ones? :D

  10. Do you mind posting a photo of your body without your face of being shown? Many of us are curious...

  11. Hi GS, where are you? Busy?

  12. Hi GS,
    That was great story! Ur writing on how u hooked up with him is sexy and hilarious.
    Keep up good work!

  13. Hi lady. Chanced upon your blog - pretty 'insightful'. Was wondering if you're keen for cuppa fruit juice (no pun intended).
    Cheers. ;)

  14. Hey there GS,

    Just came across your blog, totally made my day.
    Love your sense of humour, and you should prolly write a good book about your encounters? (a la Tucker max)

    Anyway, I'm wondering what your age is,
    outta curiosity.


  15. Cheeky with a sense of humour posting.

    By the way, Will u like to have a drink with me, I looked very normal on the outside, executive but no one can see that I have an 8inch underneath. And cut as well. It is better looking than me with a hat on.


  16. Nice read. Hope to see more. :)

  17. Hello everybody! It's good to see you guys gather comfortable here. Look out for more post ya! Coz I'm gg on vacation baby! actually next month heh

  18. It's nice real Story. I like your blog. But be careful when you make any relation with any stranger. Not good for all the time.

  19. OMG! This MUST be Jockey Alexis O. Beitia LOL! I've seen his few races in Ipoh and Sing. way back in 02 or thereabouts. I think he got nailed a few years back for cheating and banned from racing for a while. I think already retired.

    He was an OK jockey, made an average amount of $ but nothing really spectacular.

    Oh how embarrassing for him. haha

  20. you rubbed your tits on him ? What tits? You don't have any tits, just mosquitos bites - get an ugly girl. No one wants you cause you be sluty.