Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Love Thyself or you will become Object of Objectification

I received an email from a guy friend with interesting attachments. Instead of laughing my heart out, I ended up furious.

It was a video of a Malay woman giving a blowjob to a dark-skinned man prolly  an Indian with thick but short penis. My guy friend even attached her Facebook photos and furnished her full name. I shall not reveal her full name here as I want to protect her identity. The only clue I can give now is that she PROBABLY bears the initials ‘L.O’.

I DO NOT condone such acts of publicizing intimate moments with your ex-es. I despise men who uploaded naked photos of their girlfriends or ex-lovers. I hate men who uploaded videos of their partners. It's unscrupulous and unjust. Their penises should be chopped off and feed to the dogs. They should be skinned alive. They should be eaten by the cannibals in Papua New Guinea.

According to feminist theorist Immanuel Kant, women are objects of male sexual desires. Objectification involves treating a person, someone with humanity, as an object of merely instrumental worth. Consequently this situation reduces this person to the status of an object  for use. The objectified individual is made into a tool for others' sexual purposes. Objectification therefore, constitutes a serious harm to a person's humanity.

Dear ladies, please do not get yourselves involved in such trashy, agonizing, and stressful situations. During the heat of the moment, if the man insists he wants to film you, just reject the invitation. If he demands compliance, slap his face, pack your bags and leave the place. If he still takes out his phone while you are doing the cowgirl, please snatch the phone away from him and film his ugly, flabby body instead. We have witnessed many women who have been victims of home videos. Men will not reveal their faces, but they will video the women at every nook and corner of their bodies. At the end of the day, women will always be at the losing end. Their pride and integrity will be torched and tarnished for the rest of their lives. Please love yourselves. Don't let men treat us women like toys. It should always be the other way round.

Although we behave like sluts when we are doing the act, it doesn't mean that women are really sluts. 

Whoever who knows this Malay woman, please get her to contact the website that uploaded the video. 

World Peace,

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

me and my screwdriver


Sorry sweethearts, I have been busy with work lately. Just came back from Doha and Hongkong. Barely had any rest in between. No sex, no blowjobs, but I have been playing with myself so that quelled my sex desire for a short while.

I was terribly sick during both trips, so I had popped many flu medicine to last me throughout the entire travelling period. I looked pale, chapped lips due to dehydration and groggy. Simply put, I wasn't myself.

Anyhow something unpleasant happened when I was at Changi airport. I picked up my luggage and walked towards the exit when a Malay security officer named 'Mohd something' (can't remember his second name) stopped me to further inspect my luggage. He was standing there along with two other male and female officers. They were all Malays.

When I get stopped at the airport, it could only be two things:

i) I'm a suspicious article
ii) I'm too hot so they need close-up inspection of my face and my goods.

For this case of course it was the latter because if they had detected anything, they would have detained me earlier.

So I complied and put my luggage through the scanner. After it passed through, 'Mohd' took my luggage and looked at me:

Mohd: We need to inspect your luggage Madam.

Me: Why?

Mohd: Would you like to declare anything?

Me: Declare what? My bra size?

(The other two officers wanted to laugh but tried hard to maintain a cool disposition. He unzipped the luggage and started to ransack my stuff.)

Me: Aahh, those are my dirty laundry...that one is my toiletries bag. That's my shoe bag, that one is my hair dryer..

Mohd reached further into the luggage and dug out an A4 size pink drawstring pouch.

Mohd: What is this?

Me: That thing is for personal use.

(He opened it.)

Mohd: Ahh?

Me: Haha. I told you it's for personal use. Since you insist to open it, Surprise!

Mohd: oh..

Me: Now, I'm very displeased because I have sterilise my device again after you have touched it. This one has never been touched by anyone else except me.

Mohd: Sorry..

(I walked away)


Here's the picture of my sonic screwdriver. My colleague gave me as a birthday present last year. I googled and strongly suspect that she got my toy from here - Sextoys.


Thursday, 3 May 2012

"Once a Cheater, Always a Cheater.."

Sometimes when you are blessed with good looks, it can be a curse. You will be blinded by choices, but as always you will end up with the bad boys, although ideally you would want to marry the good ones. Because we women think that we could change these bad boys one day. Bullshit. Once the egg is rotten, it is irreversible.

Why we women like bad boys? We are attracted to them because they know how to sugar coat their words like Garrette’s popcorn coated with buttered-caramel. Yum! Taste sweet but extremely bad for your health and teeth. Women like any ordinary human being like to hear the good niceties.

One of the many reasons why women remain single and end up becoming spinsters is because they have been cheated by their partners. There are so many good looking women who have stopped loving human beings, instead they channel their love to animals. They will adopt a pet or something.  Or just love something. Sometimes they turned lesbians because they have given up on men.

Some women would lavish on branded goods. Others would spend thousands monthly to make themselves look good, signing up spa or Botox packages. Others become sluts and embark on sex rampage. Bottom line is, women feel insecure after their emotions have been battered and frayed by men who are serial cheaters.

When men visit prostitutes or sleep with many 'other' women aside from their partners, they expect their other halves to forgive their mistakes. But when a woman sleeps with stranger she is labeled a slut. Technically, if you compare the two equations, the answers will sum up to unscrupulous and despicable. They are the same. But it doesn’t degrade the women as lesser beings than the men, vice versa. Men are MCPs. They just can fuck those call girls or some other bitches, and then go back home still fuck their wives. WTF!

As you get older, you will realize the candidates are diminishing at the speed of lightning. By the time you hit 30, you will look around and asked yourself where have all the men who used to have major crushes on you disappeared to? Antarctica?? Mars?? Or gone to war?? DEAD?? Where are all the good men that you have rejected once upon a time? Then you heard that they were happily (maybe/maybe not) married with at least 2 kids. You will emotionally beat yourself for the wrong choices made, and start fantasizing how your offspring would look like if you were to marry Tom, Dick or Harry. When men cheat, we women become bitter. We lose our youth, our time and opportunities. We roam and search for the perfect men in fear of being cheated again. Too high expectations. By the time women lower their expectations, they are left with 3 types of rejects (i) men who are married but still want to play, (ii) divorced men who are trolleying a baggage of problems, or (iii) men who are as old as their fathers. Worse, if these ‘eligible bachelors’ are much older than their dads. Haha, who’s your daddy?? LOL.

I’m not spared too, I had my fair share of being cheated. Here's my story:

Donkey years ago, I had a five year relationship with an Asian guy. We were planning to get married. Arrangements were made and booked. We even got a flat. In that span of five years, he had cheated on me countless times. But I was a forgiving and subservient girlfriend then, so I had forgiven every single mischief. Bloody fooled me. For a couple of months he appeared like he had repented. One day, I found out that he was sleeping with a slut who was a divorcee. She was his ex-schoolmate. Back then, she was crazy about him, but he was a heartbreaker. So, the interest did not blossom until much later.

I got his mom to confess. She said he had been sneaking out in the middle of the night to go out drinking with his friends. By the end of the night he would bring a woman back and fuck her good and proper. Every night out had to end with a fuck. He was (maybe still) a horny bastard.

I was devastated. Because we had gone through countless bad times together. I shall not disclose what had happened but those bad times tainted my life. Aside from those bad happenings, he was an international relations person. He slept with so many nationalities, you name it. If I can give him a title, he would be General Secretary of the United Nations.

The weird thing was that we had sex 6 times a week. Other than those days I had my menses, we would be humping everywhere and anywhere like rabbits. It was hot, raunchy, lustful and sexciting. At least that was what I thought. Still sex wasn’t enough. Being the trophy girlfriend wasn’t enough too. Soon I noticed every time he ejaculated, it got lesser and lesser. Still, I kept quiet thinking that it was normal. No!! I was punked.

After a series of unfortunate events, I began to receive weird phone calls from women who complained to me about my ex-fiance. They were his ex-girlfriends and some sluts but I don’t know how they got my number and how they knew him. It was traumatic. They would vividly describe how they fuck and insisted I should be wary of his whereabouts. At first, I refused to believe them, but as the calls got frequent, I became worried if I had contracted any STDs. Worse, I got worried if he had started his ‘adventures’ again.

I went for check up and did some reflection. Thankfully I was okay, with no signs of STDs. I began to imagine how he fucked those women like how he fucked me. Boomerang style, helicopter style, wakeboarding style, twister style, tornado style, etc. These women and this bastard had mind-fucked me.

Like all good things, it came to an end. We broke up, and I swiftly went into depression. I kept things to myself. I didn’t want to burden anyone including my parents who were rather traditional then (now very open-minded).  But I wasn’t experienced enough to handle things on my own. It affected many important things in my life. My parents were devastated. His parents were shocked as they had no idea what went wrong till much later. My dad got hospitalized and went through a surgery because his heart couldn’t take the sudden news. I went MIA and disappeared from friends. I tried to get better, and after 1 year of drowning my sorrow with Chivas, I came out of it gradually. I lost a lot of weight and looked like a walking skeleton. I lost my nice boobies for awhile but managed to salvage them and now they are looking great. After 3 years, I've grown to be a different person with new set of goals and principles. It wasn’t an easy break up or calling off an engagement like any ordinary one.  Everyone thought it was a pack up-and-go thing. Nope it wasn’t. It was messy, heart-wrenching, ugly, and painful. He was an irresponsible man.

The best part was the slut knew my existence but still went ahead with the affair. In my heart, I wondered how can a fellow womankind be so cruel? How can you fuck a man knowing that he belongs to someone else? Are you that desperate to be fucked???

But I thank her now for taking the rotten egg away from me.  If I had been his lawfully wedded wife, I'd prolly be Singapore's Lady Gaga at IMH. Like I said before, if a man has cheated before, he will cheat again. As the slut once said “Life is too short not to enjoy it”.

So who says Asian men are better than White guys? They are all the same.

World Peace,