Monday, 11 June 2012

The Art of Oral-sex

Over the weekend, me and girlfriends bunked in at one of our friend's apartment and had a discussion on oral-genital sex. Apparently and to my surprise, many of my friends are still uncertain about their sexual capabilities and possibilities despite plentiful encounters and exposure. While there are many who are experts in sexual reproductive system, a good number of Singaporeans are still 'blur blur' about oral sex. After flipping through chapter 14 of my vintage green paperback biology text book (ehemm, pure science student!), I have conjured a simplified, 5-minute worth on oral-sex specially dedicated to my friends and avid readers. Enjoy <3

Oral-genital sex can be one of the most enjoyable and sexually arousing options available to people who seek pleasure and fulfillment from a sexual relationship. Many people like to include oral sex as a special intimacy to aid arousal in their foreplay, but prefer to attain orgasmic satisfaction through coitus. 

A woman, who is more inclined to reach orgasm through clitoral and vulval stimulation rather than vaginal stimulation from the penis alone, finds it particularly beneficial to her arousal and subsequent sexual satisfaction. The soft moistness of the tongue suits the delicate clitoral area very well, and is more likely to excite her and less likely to irritate than having a dry finger rubbed against the area during manual stimulation. 

The majority of men take special pleasure in receiving fellatio from their partners. Depending on the particular stimulation, a man may enjoy it purely as a method of arousal and then want to proceed towards full penetrative intercourse, or he may hope that his woman uses her mouth to bring him to orgasm. Although oral sex is highly arousing, some men have a tendency to ejaculate prematurely find that oral stimulation gives them greater control over their orgasmic processes than if they had vaginal sex without it. 

One of the most delightful aspects of oral sex is that it provides the opportunity for lovers to take it in turns to surrender themselves totally to simply giving or receiving loving and highly erotic attention. 

Cunnilingus (not Cunninglingus)
Most women would prefer to be aroused through sensual play, loving strokes, kisses, and whole body attention before they receive any direct stimulation of the clitoral area. This gives a woman time to produce and secret her own love juices, so that her vulva becomes receptive, warm, wet and welcoming. 

Women often complain that men either neglect the clitoris or they zone in on it before they become aroused. Before men begin to perform cunnilingus, kiss and excite all the areas adjacent to her genitals, then gently nuzzle over her mons and vulva. 

When she is aroused, her vulva will swell, as will the lips of her vulva. You can gently part her lips, and begin to thrill her with your tongue. Change your strokes and pressures and pay special attention to the areas surrounding her clitoris as this can be more arousing. let your tongue playfully stroke around the vagina, even thrusting a little into it. Change the rhythm and action of your tongue, as too much sustained pressure can be irritating. You can also suck gently on her clitoris, flick your tongue over it from side to side. Cunnilingus can bring some women into multi-orgasmic state. 

Never blow air into her vagina as this can cause an air embolism and may be dangerous.

If you are performing fellatio on your man, it is probably good idea to place one hand around the shaft of the penis so you can control the thrusting movements. In this way, you can overcome the fear that you might be inadvertently choke. Your man should always let you remain in control of the movements, and he should refrain you from thrusting deeply into your mouth, no matter how excited he is. 

Work your way slowly and sensuously down his body towards his genitals, bringing the whole surface of his skin alive with your breath, lips, tongue and touches. Linger over his belly, kissing tenderly around his pubic area and moving inch by inch closer to his genitals. 

Focus special attention on the underside of his penis as this part is particularly sensitive to stimulation. Many men love the sensation of having their scrotum gently stimulated by loving licks and kisses.Move his penis gently to one side and explore his the whole area with your tongue, while stroking his thighs and buttocks and perineal region with your other hand. 

Despite fellatio is commonly referred to blow job, never blow directly into the man's penis as this can be harmful - air embolus where an air bubble blocks the passage of blood in an artery or vein. In severe cases, if blood flow is completely obstructed, the tissue in that area will die. If the embolus were to travel up to the heart or lung, it  would cause death. 

So, what are you going to do tonight? Oral sex is the best option to drive away the Monday blues and heat up the oven for saucy sex grrrrrrrr ;) Besides, we need to produce more Singaporeans to beat the viral reproduction of Pinoys and Chinkies in our red dot island.

Lotsa love,

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Posh Club Ku De Ta is a prostitution joint?

Hey sweethearts,

How have you guys been doing? I'm sure many of you have been sexing up and painting the town red on weekends just like me. LOL

Talking about painting the town red on weekends, one reader became red recently when her ang moh male friends got "poached" by a "prostitute" in Ku De Ta, a renowned posh club at Marina Bay Sands (MBS). The lady known as 'SHE' had sent complaint letters to the management of MBS and the posh club Ku De Ta. Apparently, the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) was also informed of this incident but I'm not sure what was the outcome. The responses from MBS and Ku De Ta are below:

I recalled a similar observation when I went out with my cute Norwegian date named Erik S. about 3 months ago. We left shortly after we saw a woman who looked like she furiously tore her pink dress with scissors, revealed too much flabby skin and fats, paced up and down the club in a desperate hope to find a "customer". My judgment could be wrong, but I'm certain she looked and talked like a Pinoy. Although I don't like to see such posh clubs to be patronised by prostitutes, I honestly don't care much about it as long as those type of women doesn't approach my date. But reader 'SHE' got really pissed and I'm sure many have would have reacted the same way too if it happened to them.

Truthfully, I'm actually surprised and quite disappointed in Ku De Ta after reading Michael's response. What 'SHE' said was quite correct, given this lax approach, Ku De Ta is no better than those clubs along Duxton Rd.

STB should start doing something and step up their checks on tourist attractions and hotels. I'm sure the our Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong wouldn't like it if Singapore is famously unique for their foreign sex talents.