Friday, 24 August 2012

Fuck for Benefit

Hello beautiful readers. I'm on off day today. So here I am sipping my coffee and I was inspired to write about a topic that I love most - sex. This was because all my girlfriends and gay friends are talking about the most scandalous topic that hit our country - the NUS Professor Tey Tsun Hang and his little pony Darinne Ko. Then there is another involving the RI teacher and her student. It got me thinking, what the fuck is happening to our good schools in Singapore?

Then again, I have heard so many stories involving students and lecturers usually in polytechnics and universities. I even know a few students who eventually married their lecturers because they found love in each other. Just like Rihanna found love in Chris Brown. Just like Jessica Biel found love in Justin Timberlake. Lecturer and students are ordinary people. Like seriously, teacher/lecturer-student sex is a common thing that happened in tertiary institutions, but after reading the article I recalled a similar event that happened to me many many years ago. 

Sometimes, the sex happens because you really like the other person and consequently both parties reap some benefits from the whole affair. Sometimes, you desperately want something in return so you come up with a brilliant plan to ensure that your journey in school with be a smooth sailing one such as sexual and resource benefits. 

Back when I was in school,  there was this teacher who was popular among the sweet young girls. You know, we girls like someone who is funny, friendly and witty. As I was a pretty girl in school, not surprisingly the teacher paid extra attention to me. He claimed that I was rebellious (yes I was a wild one) and refused to do any of his homework. Slept in his class, doodle penis, boobies and vaginas since they are my favourite images LOL. Just like Darinne, I was lucky that have been blessed with a good quality AAA-cell brain all thanks to my mom's religious routine in shoving gingko biloba nuts and black currants into my mouth everyday. But I must admit Darinne is not clever enough because she went around and tell her backstabber friends about her dirty little secret. For me, I kept my mouth shut. 

Let's just call the teacher WL. 

How it started was simple. WL asked if I got MSN account so we could do group chat with the rest of the classmates. Then we started by chatting in private and shared jokes and silly experiences with our exs. Then it naturally got into the topic of sex and BINGO! Once WL knew I'm open to share my sex positions, the size of my pink nipples and how my extraterrestrial skill in licking men dry, he cleverly dropped hints on sexcapade interest. 

The rest is history, we fuck like normal people fuck. We sneakily went to hotels just like horny bunnies. We used candies for safety reasons. We even rented costumes to spice up our sex. Once, I rented a sexy nurse uniform but no undies or bra underneath. I even shaved my pubic hair in the shape of heart (not easy!) so that I could surprise him. Silly and sweet right?!  If I'm not wrong, I ever forced him to wear an apron that we bought from Mustaffa Centre! It was almost usually fun-filled fuck feasts.

Meet for breakfast, checked-in, fuck, fuck, fuck.
Lunch time, took a short break with a light lunch and continued our fuck fest till dinner time.
After a heavy dinner, we took about an hour to digest and continued our fuck galore till midnight. Sleep, then next day, first thing after brushing my teeth, I would 'DICK' in when he had the morning wood. Awesome, I love when men have morning glory. Easy, fast-fuck to end the wonderful sexcapade before check out. Love!

I blew his whistle, he polished and waxed me. He screwed me, I unscrewed him. Finish. I didn't have to say or tell him what grades I wanted in school. It was almost automated. Somewhat like an obligation for his part to take care of me. To avoid suspicion, he ensured that I would pass above average but not to the extent of topping my class. He would notify me if I would be receiving any warning letters or getting in discipline problems. In short, he watched my back. We fuck till I graduated and never keep in touch again ever since. Not because I didn't like him. It was because I found out from one of his friends that he is married with 2 kiddos.  I couldn't forgive myself for sleeping with a married man. So I went MIA. There were no gifts exchanged or any Mont Blanc pen. I did not pay for his credit card bills. The whole affair was memorable, fun and pleasurable. No animal was harm in the process of our steamy love making sessions. 

Years later I heard rumours that he had tried similar stunts with other female students and next thing I know he left the institution. Now, he is doing well in another renowned institution in Singapore. 

Well, some people get away with shitty stuff while others don't. For Darinne, too bad you told the wrong person and that person is either plain jealous or an extremely righteous person who cannot stand the idea of injustice. 

One thing we know, this is an epic case and definitely going to leave a major imprint in Singapore. Let this be a lesson for those who are having a relationship with their students or teachers now. Either you stop the shit now or you continue with tact. I know it's hard to resist when the sex is good and you have a sweet young thing shagging you all day. But think twice about the repercussions on yourself.