Thursday, 26 June 2014

Letter to Desperate Filipino Harlene-Slut-Azuela

To the Filipino desperate slut who wants to find the cute ang moh guy in MRT.

I, Grumpy Spinster, on behalf of all SPGs in Singapore and on behalf of my dearest girlfriend who was annoyed by this whole commotion would like to address this letter to the mother of all Filipino sluts - Harlene Azuela.

My dearest girlfriend is so ashamed to know that you’re a woman and you have the audacity to do this shameful act to fellow womankind in front of whole mankind. 

So listen up Filipino hooker Harlene Azuela. This letter is dedicated to Harlene-desperate-to-be-ang moh-WAG-Azuela. Fuck, you Filipinos really hard up to be ang moh with your Spanish sounding names, huh. Fucking sick shit man.

I’m not saying that you’re literally a prostitute, like hooking on the corner and taking actual money in exchange for actual sex. I’m just saying in simplest way – you just a slut. Or maybe you’re really taking money on the side. Who knows, only you know and your Filipino friends would know.

Obviously the plan is to lure my dearest girlfriend’s boyfriend in with your unparalleled powers of seduction, then make him fall in love with your sparkling personality and razor-sharp wit. You think you have what it takes to do all that. You think. Keep on thinking how great you are with that Filipino pride of yours. Shame on you.

Shame on you for trying hard to be who you are not. And for the sake of your country, please stop being a slut. You are so painful to listen let alone look at.

You have the cheek to post a video of you selling yourself on social media and ask if anyone can match make you with this Ang moh dude. Bitch, you are so cheap. You are so shameful. You are worse than prostitute.

Dear mother of all sluts,

Do you even bother to check if he has a girlfriend?
Do you even bother to know if he plans to settle down?
Are you trying to break up a relationship build on love and not some random sick MRT stalking?
Are you prostituting yourself to not just him but also other ang mohs and Singaporeans?
What are you doing in Singapore? Your employer must be so ashamed to have you on board. Let me guess, did you sleep with your colleague/s?

Please bitch. Get a life and try to have some decency. Please mirror yourself.

Firstly, your filipino accent sounds too crispy with your tongue curling thing, it’s fucking irritating.

Second, you are trying to break up my girlfriend’s relationship. You are worst than a slut, and cheaper than you look. You really made it to the Hall of Shame.

Third, you are a disgrace to womankind for selling yourself like that, why the fuck do you even exist? How the hell did you end up here in SG? You are nothing but a shameful foreigner who tries to find ang moh lover in sunny island Singapore. Go back to your country.

Fourth, you are delusional. You and your people are always delusional. Get carried away with all those bullshit love story. Puhhhlease. So you got inspired by some Star Cinema's She's The One and hope this will happen in real life? And you call yor self a university graduate? So you bought your degree? You are nothing but a shitload of crap.

Harlene-prostitute-Azuela and her kind breeds disease. Too many of her people here already, so kicking one out doesn’t make a difference. In fact, it is a good learning lesson for them not be smart aleck.

Not surprise if she is be busy doing part-time at Duxton or hanging out at posh clubs like many of those girls. Trying too hard to look pretty and sexy. Hoping to find an ang moh man. Want to live the life of TV drama and movies. So typical!

Seems like all Filipinos overseas have some manufacturing faults during production somehow. That explains why you guys are so desperate to find ang moh husbands, get the Green card, and leave your country. Yeah, we got it now. And our government is so stupid to accept you and your tongue curling accent people. Irritating to the max sia.

Grow some brains Harlene-prostitute-Azuela. Me and my friends hold you responsible if anything happen to dearest girlfriend. 

Get that in your head too.

Signing off with fucks, 
Grumpy Spinster