Friday, 17 February 2012

What kind of fetishes do you have? part 1

I find it weird that some men have weird and 'extraordinary' fetishes. Here’s my story as I promised to tell when I started this blog:

There was this Italian man that I went out with in Jan. He claimed to have starred in some local drama or something. Think its bullshit because he just wanna get in my pants. Well, he did. Sigh.

We went to the Flutes at the Fort to have nice dinner. Had a nice vintage Dom Perignon, but not I’m a big fan of champagnes. I prefer dessert wines anytime. We chit-chatted and our hands started to roam. By the time we finished the second bottle of Moet, we were groping each other. Yes, I was horny that night. It’s been like two weeks and my water level had rose to flood Singapore anytime. At this age, my sex drive is driving me nuts. Always hungry. For Sex. Sex Sex Sex.  I love sex so much. By my standard, anything above the two weeks period is a torture.

So we hopped into a cab and adjourned to his rented apartment in orchard. Almost slipped and fell when I alighted from the taxi, but he saved me, scooped me up and carried me back to his place. I was like so excited as it was the first time someone did that, and that gesture turned me on! Yeah!

I usually shower before I get it on, but this time, no no, I couldn’t take it anymore. I pounced at him, lay him on the floor, almost tore his Hugo Boss top, slipped my hands in his CK brief, and there it was.  My precious thing. The grower, and it grew bigger than I thought it would be. That thing almost ripped me apart down there you know. I love it!

I have never tasted an Italian sausage. Have tried bratwurst, Swedish meatloaf, French baguette, but Italian sausages, hmmm I must say it was a sextronomical experience. hahah. Yummy.

I was drench and dripping wet down south by the time I saw the sausage. I dunno it was the moon, the wine, or simply I was effing horny. Almost wanted to bring the Italian sausage home and keep it in a fridge for another savouring session at my convenience . Or add it to my mr Luigi collection.

So he undressed me, I was feeling sexy coz I just bought this new bra and G from victoria secret online spree, and it was sizzling red hot and spicy! Well, I think with my tight body, I could wear anything. So Lulu and Lucy greeted with him politely and he was startled to see a beautiful pair that sultrily lured him to fondle them. He could not resist when saw my 34C and firm (yes round and form ok!) attached to my petite figure. He kept muttering those sensuous words in Italian, licked my lips, kneaded my breasts and my perky ass. He carried me to his luscious and soft bed, and stroked his penis. I was so turned on. In my mind, come and get me now f$#$k! Like now!! now!! His hands then moved to butter Miss V while I slithered his sausage with my studded tongue.

To be continued…

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Last week me, my group of spinster friends and several couples were hanging out at Robertson Walk. You know the usual chillex and over a couple of beers, mojitos and awesome dinner. Generally Robertson Walk is a decent place, mostly expats and tame crowd. However, that one night tainted the peace and tranquility of my favourite hang out joint. While I was bitching about how bad my one night stand turned out the night before with a Jewish-English (what Blasphemy!), we heard a commotion nearby. Apparently a white male, probably in his mid-30s bought drinks for everyone there (well i think there were about 6 people at the pub that time), but refused to pay when the bill came up to about $850. Huh? What did he drank? I must say he was a looker, probably an Aussie or Brit, but his mannerism was a major put-off. Who the hell buys drinks for the whole village and don't pay up?

Several friends who hang out with the ang mohs (SPGs?) told me these white thrashies will try to avoid payment whenever possible. Some of these ang mohs managed to get away with this cheapo trick but others have landed themselves in a hot mess just like the white trio who had inflicted severe injuries to the Singapore taxi drivers (read here for details of Suntec Assault>>

Ok, back to my story. There was a chase after the white guy when he tried to escape from the pub, he ran around Robertson Walk and three waiters from the pub gave the ang moh a chase but lost him. Several members of public who appeared to be Malay youngsters and Indian boys had helped to look for him this white fella. Hmm.. ultimately, the white guy was caught and the police was called up. Finish. End of story.

It's disturbing to find the expats in SG are getting out of hand. Although they are irresistibly cute and good looking (only some), are are still mortals who are far from perfect. Are Singaporeans (and the SG govt) giving them too many leeways? Yes.

The white superiority theory was embedded in our minds since the British occupation. It's time we should let it go and embrace a brand new mindset on these ang mohs that they are (for those who know and have slept with them before) are not that great after all.

People like me who have developed a love-hate relationship with the ang mohs do not worship these men. We are just suckers for their good looks and blue eyes. They are still stinky, have ugly sets of pearlies, and sleep like pigs. Probably those children fairy-tale books have given us hope to fall in love with a prince charming who are tall, handsome with honey-blonde hair. In reality, these white men are self-centered, egotistical and boastful men who thinks they have magnum size penises when they f*ck small Asian vaginas.

Oh dreary world.

Yes  I am grumpy. That's because I have no love life, at least not at this point of my life when my sex drive is at its zenith. Demand exceeds supply. In fact there is no supply. Well, I admit i have a few hook ups here and there. But well, I am not pleased with the world and people around me. Certainly not today.

So i started this blog, since everyone including my close friends, colleagues and bosses felt that I should start pouring my innermost frustrations and bittersweet life symphony in a more constructive way. I think, it's just their way of saying, "get a life". oh well. Will spill some beans about my life stories. Probably for my nieces and nephew to read up and learn some life pointers before they make the same stupid mistakes as i did.

Will 'ketchup' (haha) up.