Thursday, 26 June 2014

Letter to Desperate Filipino Harlene-Slut-Azuela

To the Filipino desperate slut who wants to find the cute ang moh guy in MRT.

I, Grumpy Spinster, on behalf of all SPGs in Singapore and on behalf of my dearest girlfriend who was annoyed by this whole commotion would like to address this letter to the mother of all Filipino sluts - Harlene Azuela.

My dearest girlfriend is so ashamed to know that you’re a woman and you have the audacity to do this shameful act to fellow womankind in front of whole mankind. 

So listen up Filipino hooker Harlene Azuela. This letter is dedicated to Harlene-desperate-to-be-ang moh-WAG-Azuela. Fuck, you Filipinos really hard up to be ang moh with your Spanish sounding names, huh. Fucking sick shit man.

I’m not saying that you’re literally a prostitute, like hooking on the corner and taking actual money in exchange for actual sex. I’m just saying in simplest way – you just a slut. Or maybe you’re really taking money on the side. Who knows, only you know and your Filipino friends would know.

Obviously the plan is to lure my dearest girlfriend’s boyfriend in with your unparalleled powers of seduction, then make him fall in love with your sparkling personality and razor-sharp wit. You think you have what it takes to do all that. You think. Keep on thinking how great you are with that Filipino pride of yours. Shame on you.

Shame on you for trying hard to be who you are not. And for the sake of your country, please stop being a slut. You are so painful to listen let alone look at.

You have the cheek to post a video of you selling yourself on social media and ask if anyone can match make you with this Ang moh dude. Bitch, you are so cheap. You are so shameful. You are worse than prostitute.

Dear mother of all sluts,

Do you even bother to check if he has a girlfriend?
Do you even bother to know if he plans to settle down?
Are you trying to break up a relationship build on love and not some random sick MRT stalking?
Are you prostituting yourself to not just him but also other ang mohs and Singaporeans?
What are you doing in Singapore? Your employer must be so ashamed to have you on board. Let me guess, did you sleep with your colleague/s?

Please bitch. Get a life and try to have some decency. Please mirror yourself.

Firstly, your filipino accent sounds too crispy with your tongue curling thing, it’s fucking irritating.

Second, you are trying to break up my girlfriend’s relationship. You are worst than a slut, and cheaper than you look. You really made it to the Hall of Shame.

Third, you are a disgrace to womankind for selling yourself like that, why the fuck do you even exist? How the hell did you end up here in SG? You are nothing but a shameful foreigner who tries to find ang moh lover in sunny island Singapore. Go back to your country.

Fourth, you are delusional. You and your people are always delusional. Get carried away with all those bullshit love story. Puhhhlease. So you got inspired by some Star Cinema's She's The One and hope this will happen in real life? And you call yor self a university graduate? So you bought your degree? You are nothing but a shitload of crap.

Harlene-prostitute-Azuela and her kind breeds disease. Too many of her people here already, so kicking one out doesn’t make a difference. In fact, it is a good learning lesson for them not be smart aleck.

Not surprise if she is be busy doing part-time at Duxton or hanging out at posh clubs like many of those girls. Trying too hard to look pretty and sexy. Hoping to find an ang moh man. Want to live the life of TV drama and movies. So typical!

Seems like all Filipinos overseas have some manufacturing faults during production somehow. That explains why you guys are so desperate to find ang moh husbands, get the Green card, and leave your country. Yeah, we got it now. And our government is so stupid to accept you and your tongue curling accent people. Irritating to the max sia.

Grow some brains Harlene-prostitute-Azuela. Me and my friends hold you responsible if anything happen to dearest girlfriend. 

Get that in your head too.

Signing off with fucks, 
Grumpy Spinster

Thursday, 28 November 2013

It's been a while

Hello my darlings. It's been a while since I write something. Been busy with work. Exercising. Learning new things.

Recently, it just occur to me that I should learn something new. I've been trying to entertain myself especially when my good friend is not around. Keep myself busy. Things can get very lonely and tempting when good friend is not around. Recently, I've been meeting a lot of new people especially at work functions, dinner and events. Exchanged contact numbers. Friendly SMSes can lead to attractive sex proposals. SIGH!!!


Thursday, 26 September 2013

RAPE - It's your Fault, Goddamnit

Did you guys watch the video about two Indian ladies who promoted RAPE is caused by women and they brought it upon themselves?! I watched the video after I read about the ah neh fella who molested granny taxi driver's breast and she cleverly drove both ah neh and mat rep to police station. Well done, grandma. I would have beaten the crap out of them and make use of my kickboxing techniques if I was granny, but Grand-o-Grams tactic still rox!

Yes, I couldn't believe my eyes and ears. How can these two Indian ladies in the video say rape is caused by women? This is equivalent to the "slut walk" of fame. If you blame the victim, you've basically got no real argument. Men who think that women should cover up to avoid rape are basically saying they have no control of their own sexual urges. It clearly doesn't work to have women cover up anyway, being head to toe in clothing doesn't stop women from being raped. Saying women should cover up basically is a means of control.

Even more, some warped Saudi retard named Sheikh Abdullah Daoud issued a controversial fatwa calling for female babies to wear burqas. According to Daoud, dressing infants and children in the traditional Muslim veils would reduce the sexual molestation of minors, though the cleric did not cite any evidence for his view. What ridiculous remark! He is similar to those Al-Qaeda terrorists who justify that killing is hey okay. Stupid fucker. All those cloth wrapping his head is obviously repressing his intelligence.

Actually I know of sick men who have fantasies of fucking women clad in drapes of cloth all over their body, like those Muslim women and nuns who looked like ninjas. Gosh, they look like walking curtains. So that explains, why men are curious creatures and they fancy raping women who look like ninjas? Such women piqued their interests? More like, surprise! But don't you ladies feel warm in those stuff? Gosh. I like my clothes to be light and well-ventilated.

Hear, hear! A woman walking down the street stark NAKED doesn't deserve to be raped. No one deserves to be raped. But I do think we need to pay more attention on how we present ourselves and what image we project to the people around us.

Having said that and after much thought, I DO AGREE that RAPE is caused by women. 

Rapists look for two criteria when choosing a victim: availability and vulnerability. Rape is about dominance. I think there are many girls and women out there especially in Singapore are hoping they get raped. That skimpy dress, the fish net stoking, the gutters, the low cut and sexy back. Haiz. Dress and act like it they want to be raped. They should realize that they do have partial responsibility in rape crime, because I believe that they’re pretty much asking for it.

For instance, when a woman purposely and aggressively turns a guy on for her own amusement and then denies him any form of sex. Then later in the night she gets herself and the guy drunk, consents to going back to his place, consents to sex and then tells him to stop halfway through and claims rape. This happened to one of our local chinky guy named Ong Mingwee. Ong had been convicted last year of raping a 22 year old Singaporean woman he had a one-night stand with. Lucky he managed to get away because he hired some famous lawyer. So if misfortune strike you and you suffer the same unfortunate situation like him, please contact Subhas Anandan, the lawyer he had engaged. 

Ong Mingwee - gone were the days when getting laid was easy.

Some women falsify rape claims as a form of revenge. It's the extreme statistical minority, but the fact is the law quite often sides with women in these matters. Feminists love to point out that men stare at women like objects when they wear those little black dresses but at the same time feminists claim that how a woman dresses can in no way influence a rapist to choose them as a target. How does that work exactly? On one hand feminist try to make the claim that all men are perverts for looking at women but on the other hand they claim that provocative dress in no way could make a rapist target them. C'mon, deep down in our hearts, we love to wear sexy stuff and yet we don't want to get raped? Stop hallucinating and stop your self-denial lah.

Obviously, a person has a right to dress however she chooses. But if she chooses to do something that's going to put her in danger, obviously she has to take some responsibility for that too. The same is true if I get mugged while walking through a dangerous neighborhood at night. Obviously me being there didn't give the person a right to mug me, but I also should have thought a little more before putting myself in that situation. 

World peace. Love G.S.

Friday, 13 September 2013

Get set...go ... Finnish the Penis

Oh fuck. I really hate to update this but I think I should. I change boyfriend again. What's new. Me and Erik...we simply cannot work it out anymore after so many times patching up, make up sex, cunnilingus, and blowjobs. We tried so long and so hard to make things work. It took me 3 waxing trips at Strip. That fucking long. Finally we gave up. I guess it's not meant to be.

Honestly, I do feel like a total slut for changing boyfriends so many times. Like when I go to my regular restaurants and clubs, they always look at me as though I'm a celebrity. I know, I'm irresistibly beautiful and my body is sizzling hot, but I do find the attention is too overwhelming. Stop judging me Fucktards! Do you like to be judged?

I don't give a shit. I strongly believe I should strive for happiness. And to hell with those who thinks I'm a slut. I love it because at least my stock market is bustling with activities. Always flourishing and forever horny. YEAH!!! Even if I need to fuck 365 men a year to determine whether that penis is the right fit, then I shall accept my fate as a 'cock sucker'. LITERALLY. Actually I can't count the number of cocks I have put in my mouth. That's my fate. I accept that my life as ever so colorful with fucks and penises.

And did I tell you I love to give blowjobs? YES I DO. I love blowjobs. I wish I can sleep with an erected cock in my mouth every night. Really I can, it happened several times upon request of course. I fucking love it. If there is such thing as God, and if He is listening right now, let that be my death wish. Choked with a cock in my mouth.

Recently, I met this Finnish guy. He's like 1.9m tall. WTF. I can do pole dancing on him. He's blonde, pale blue eyes. He's that fucking tall, and can you imagine the size of his cock? It made me wonder why the hell he didn't make it to the Book of Guinness Records. Well, at least he made it to mine and prolly several others whom he had fucked. Spotty like leopard. Every time I look at him, I have this urge to scrub him with Clorox bleach and erase those freckles. And if he were to stand under a bright sun dressed in white drapes, kids would think he is Jesus. He's that WHITE! And oh he works at KONE. What coincidence. Add a K behind and you have a penis in another language.

A friend of mine introduced Finnish the Penis aka Good Friend aka Jesus to me during a house party and instantaneously we felt like perfect match. After a couple glasses of wine and countless shots of tequila, we knew we are soul mates.

I need to pee. No actually I want him to think I need to pee. I went to the toilet in the master bedroom. He asked if I needed help. I told him to help me. I wasn't wearing any bra that day. It's Saturday. Weekend is go braless day remember? It's my free and easy day. I don't wear bra and panty on weekends.

Once we reached the toilet, I found my hand reached over to his crotch, feeling the turgid meat inside. Hey, this comes natural to me. Yeah it was hard and firm alright. And long. And thick. I took about 4 seconds to reach his dickhead. Yes, when it comes to sex, I am precise and I am well-known to be hardworking, meticulous, generous ...with my cum. LOL. He drew himself closer to me. We kissed. Saliva all over our mouth. Both of us seemed hungry. Hungry for sex. He told me I was a bad girl. Oooh..Deep inside I was eager to show him the real definition of bad girl in every sense of the word.

He told me to unzip his fly and I happily did so, reached inside to pull out his cock. It almost had that boink boink sound effect. Just like when you open a springy toy clown trapped in colourful box. Surprise! It's been a long time, I finally could feel my heartbeat at my clit. That throbbing feeling. This was akin to Muslims fasting during Ramadhan. Yeah, I didn't have sex for a long time. Two weeks since my last random fuck with German sausage I met at Insomnia. For that two weeks my clit went numb and motionless. Finnish the Penis managed to bring it back to life. I truly appreciate it. I finally got excited. My precious vagina, was yearning to envelope a mega penis. I was all ready.

I was wearing this stripe batwing dress which was such an easy access. No bra, no panty, just a loose, airy batwing dress. I thought it was a clever choice I made that night. I'm so well-prepared.

I knelt before him like I needed to seek forgiveness. Hell yes, I needed to ask forgiveness from him because I was going to maul him like a hungry lioness. I'm going to show that mega penis how Singapore sling would be like. I'm going to COCKtail it.

It wasn't even erected and yet the sight of it makes me so wet. Long and thick. I want to put it in my mouth and lick it so hard like paddle pop ice cream. Watch and Feel it grow in my mouth, in my hands. I clutched it between my hands like how I usually eat my foot long vegetarian Subway sandwich. I couldn't control myself and I wanted it so bad. I almost eat it. His cock was too big for my mouth. It felt it was bursting in my mouth. Well that's the problem, how on earth can someone's cock get so big? What kind of weird animal did he eat? So I managed to take in half the length of his shaft. And was hoping to leave the other half for practice fuck session later.

My heart beat so fast. I could hear it out loud. At last...

I felt his hand over my head, he was breathing heavily. He began pumping his cock back and forth into my mouth, making me choke on it. I could see he was enjoying every second of it. It was pleasurable for him as it was for me. I was doing my signature head banging cock sucking style. He truly enjoyed the warmness of my mouth and my tricks.  This Singaporean spinster will make him remember Singapore like no other Finnish ever did. He picked me up from the floor, undressed me, lifted me up and made me sit with my legs wrapped around his waist. We did the monkey. I almost died when he injected me with his mega penis. I felt like my vagina ruptured, like how you force open the durian. But the feeling was too strong, too good for us to stop. We cannot stop now. We must carry on and be quick. The deed must be fully executed before someone finds us fucking in the toilet.

I hugged him so hard that my breasts bursting from the clutches of our bodies. Perspiration trickling down our bodies. I bit down my lips to control my moans. I sucked in the air and my legs began to quiver as he pushed his almighty spanner inside me some more. Push and thrust and push and shove. We were sweaty and the mirror turned misty. Suddenly I was calling all kinds of God's name that I could think of. My orgasm momentarily made me a believer of all religions in this world. World peace.

Each time he withdrew, his cock came out glistening with my pussy juice. He gave me one final thrust of his cock which went all the way in and I was trying hard to stop screaming and moaning. It was painful. But it was pleasurable. I love it so much. God, I want to marry his cock.

"Your pussy's soo damn tight. You felt so good. I'm going to come aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh".

Huh? A bowl of white custard pudding or what??? So thick so much so curdly. Gosh. Is he even human? Forget the SCDF, Finnish the Penis can put out fire with his cum.

I didn't reply. There's no need to do so. With the almighty mega device, anyone hole would be screaming in pain woah.

We kissed each other. Cleaned up our act. Went back to the living room and acted as though nothing had happened in the toilet. Actually there's no need to do so, all of them were drunk so no one had a clue what happened.

We didn't stop there. We continued to hug each other. Had a couple more tequila shots. Moved over to the more comfortable couch near the window. Started kissing. I started caressing his cock again. It was damp. I showered him with my pussy juice but that's me. I'm full of love juice, I could go into manufacturing mode if anyone wants to invest.

Naughty Finnish. He raised an eyebrow. He slowly strummed his fingers down south. My holy hole felt that throbbing sensation again. YEs, I want him to go there and touch it again. He moved lower. I gladly serve him my vagina. I was wet again. He slowly inserted his finger. And then another. Two is enough, my vagina keyhole is small. It felt good. His fingers vibrated so fast I thought it was my pocket rabbit. But this felt so much better and warmer and tender. This guy has good stuff up his sleeves.

It is always easy to excite me. I'm easily excited. It's easier to make me reach my orgasm after you got me excited. Like snapping your fingers. One snap, one climax. Two snaps, two orgasms. No wonder every men that I have encountered love to fuck me so much. Sex is about enjoyment and reaching your orgasm. Nothing makes a men feel proud and almighty until he sees a woman sincerely enjoys his service.

He couldn't stand it anymore, he suddenly lowered his buttocks and knelt on the floor. He peeled open my legs and there I was, I had him between my thighs. He looked at me with the bedroom eyes and I knew he wanted to pleasure me. I knew he wanted to render me his fullest service. We didn't say a word. There's no need to say anything when it comes to sex. The vibes and body language speaks louder than thunder.

Oh please go ahead. I want it so bad. I want him to lick me and nibble on my southern flapping lips. His tongue was so long, I could almost feel his tongue brushing against my cervical walls. His head bobbing and shaking and vibrating. I don't how he did it, but he did it well. With precision, just like me. I came four more times. My knees began to tremble and grew weak. I was limped, exhausted, drained from all my love juice. He was slurping every drop of my pussy juice. I want him to go on and but I also want him to stop. Ii felt like a long overdue maintenance! Checked!

"I like your Slurpee. It would be perfect with a straw and served chilled."

He wiped his mouth. I almost could see a moustache formed, all thanks from my pussy juice. Nice. Great advertisement to replace those 'Got Milk?' ads.

We got up from the couch and I'd just created a map there. My love juice had penetrated the linen. Hecks! Who cares, everyone had passed out. We grinned at each other, it was our dirty little secret.

We left the apartment unlocked because no one was awake to send us to the door. I invited him to come back to my place. We slept soundly that night hugging each other to sleep. Almost Perfect. He snored like a pig. Lucky I had my ear plugs. Well, okay what more can I ask from a man. Mega Penis, Jesus-like, magic fingers and killer tongue. Minus the snore. he's good for me. I love it. Most important is I'm happy. It's been a long time since I felt this happy.

Today, Friday 13th Sep 2013 marks our third week of action-packed, blockbuster sexmania together.

I truly enjoy the cock experience. Finnish the Penis. May there be many more awesome fucks in weeks, months and years, and hopefully forever.

And until then.

TGIF darlings & Happy fucking,

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Saggy Tits

I must admit. I fear Saggy Tits. If I could personify it, would be a creature like some sort of alien with droopy eyes. Saggy Tits is every woman's nightmare.This is one of the main concerns women who are blessed with big breasts encounter. The heavier it gets and the bigger it blooms, the saggier it becomes. Blame nature. Gravity loves our tits so much that they love yoyo-ing them. Saggy Tits does not affect only the old, the young ones too have encounter these problems.

Next few pictures made it to the Fame Hall of Saggy Tits. Made me lose my appetite for lunch.

I hope it was a nipple/breast slip. 

Reminds me of a friendly cartoon character.

Acrobatic tits? Whole new definition to the word somersault

Who says only big breasted ladies have saggy tits? The small tits also can sag okay...

OMG that's the smallest nips I've ever seen. Really.

Some fucktards actually call these burnt beef patties. Assholes.

Men. Don't you dare laugh too soon because men also have this problem okay!

These women are young but they have Saggy Tits. After looking at the many shades of breasts, I realized that women looked far much better with something to cover up their nipples and pussy. In short, we look better with clothes or some cloth to cover ourselves. 

Nipples like breasts, they come in myriad of shapes, colour and sizes. You name it. Oreos, Digestives, Marie, Afghans, the Half-Moons, the Dodgers, and many more. Sidetrack. Have you guys actually tried this After Dinner Nipples? These rocks big time man! Can't buy it here in SG. Gotta fly to UK to get these tits. 

I am extremely fortunate. Most likely, I'm belong to the fortunate 0.001 percent of women in this freaking world who are born beautiful. And I am blessed with round perky tits. I foresee not having any problem in the next couple of years if I continue to pamper my tits with lots of TLC. But I don't deny the fact that I did notice a slight change in shape. Very slight droop. Oh God I love my breasts. They are so beautiful I think I can definitely do advertisements with it and earn big bucks.

However, I shall not be complacent and women should never take this matter lightly. Women can help reduce the sagging process simply by educating ourselves about it. 

1. Get yourself properly fitted. Recently I just found out that I have been wearing the wrong bra size. Poor fitting bra can cause headaches, rashes and hernia. Apparently, many women out there don't know that they have been wearing the wrong bra all their lives. Get those with wide strap because they give you better support than those slinky ones. 

2. If you're sporty like me, invest in those with good support. This will give you good movement and bouncing support when you're doing those vigorous activities. Nike have good quality sports bra and last long too. 

3. Self-massage your breasts at least 3 to 5 times a week. This is easy for me. When I have a boyfriend or when I go fuck-cruising with my fuck buddies, I will make sure they obediently massage my breasts. It's a Mandatory routine. Massage does two wonderful things: It releases stagnated fluids in the breasts for optimal breast health. It also can result in re-shaping and lifting them. Use a natural, organic breast massage oil, made just for breasts, for an enjoyable and deeply relaxing self breast massage. It is also sensual and can unleash the vixen in you. 

4. Avoid going braless if you can. I cannot NOT go braless because weekends are my braless days. Friday to Sunday, I don't wear bra. I like it free and easy. Liberating my breasts. They too, need the freedom to roam. But gravity will inevitably cause your breasts to sag. Going without a bra for extended periods of time will further stretch the breast tissue. That's why I have my new boyfriend to massage my breasts every night. Makes him happy and makes my breasts healthy. 

5. Some people advice not to wear bra for more than 12 hours a day. Like who in Singapore doesn't wear bra for more than 12 hours! WTF!!! We work already like cows, slogging our asses off. Studies have shown that wearing a bra more than 12 hours a day may increase breast cancer risk. WTF! Alternatively you can take off your bra when you are in the office. Hang it somewhere in the corner or put it in your drawer. Wear a jacket or cardigan or shawl over and no one knows. Brilliant or what! 

Hey ladies and gentlemen, don't be dishearten if you spot a similarity somewhere in this post. Ultimately, what's important is being comfortable in your own skin. If you are confident, flaunt it. Fuck those who look at you with a smirk or disturb you with snide remarks. Fuck them all. I went bare-breasted and enjoyed my sun-bathing in Maui and UFO beach. I was literally naked and I don't give a fuck. It is fairly common to go nude. Just some fuck up bastards who are so shallow and conservative thinks that it is not okay to be naked. Just tame those amazon forest if you decide to go nude.

I am proud of who I am. So should you.

Kisses xoxo,

Friday, 6 September 2013

CHC Sun Ho's Obsession with American Dream

If you dunno who is Sun Ho, she is the wife of City Harvest Church (CHC) Pastor Kong Hee. Both of them founded the CHC and she has big dreams. Her dream is not to devote her life to the church. Her dream was to be a superstar like Madonna, Janet Jackson, Beyonce or Lady Gaga. Unfortunately for her, she ended up like pretty messed up and now she is in a hot soup. Commercial Affairs Department investigates into CHC alleged misdeed and misuse of funds. I’m talking about millions of dollars here contributed by the CHC followers for her Crossover Project.

In Asia, there are many people like Sun Ho. She has identity issues, she fucks around with other men, she make use of people's weaknesses to benefit herself. 

Both Kong Hee and Sun Ho went through cosmetic surgeries. But i'm not interested in Kong Hee because he is a con-man drama mama preacher. Let's look at Sun Ho before and after transformation. And oh not forgetting her ultra famous China wine music video. 

People actually have the audacity to call SUN aka Geisha as Singapore's top international superstar, a multi-platinum Asian singer and a Billboard-charting dance star. Go click on the music video below to see for yourselves if she deserves to be called a multi-platinum Asian singer and dance star.

What do you think of it? She looks fuckable now? Do you think she looks like pastor's wife? And to think that she use people's money so she can look like some a star in US. She wants to look like ang moh with huge tits and sharper features. I wonder if she get to fuck the black dudes.

Firstly, Sun Ho is ugly. Admit it people, before her plastic surgery, she has a forgettable face. If you were to walk pass her on the street, you would not take a second look at her. She is plain and boring looking. Flat chested, pale and unattractive. Yucks. She would look ugly in anything expensive.

Secondly, she is Pastor's wife. That is one bloody huge responsibility. You need to take care of your image in public. You need to conduct yourself in a proper manner. As long as you are pastor's wife, you kinda feel pressured to look decent and wear decent attire. That's why in Singapore, she always looked trashy. Did you see the pictures taken outside the court? Her uncombed hair and mismatch attire. She looked like she just got gangbang by a bunch horny Malaysian bandits. 

Third, she can sing but she is still stuck with the church label. No matter where she goes, she will be remembered as the Pastor's wife, CHC founder, church singer. Ok lah not bad her voice is not the best. What can you expect from a Singaporean chinky? Only MALAYS CAN SING lah because they kept winning national singing competitions. Chinks cannot sing except for a few lucky ones. Even if you can sing, your voice will be like Sun Ho. Neither here nor there. 

But deep inside she has an ulterior motive. Her ambition is not to work for the church and forever seen as a church founder. She realised she is not pious. She realised she doesn't want to lead a mundane boring church life. She knows the church followers would die for her and her husband and the church. She knows stupid CHC followers have weaknesses and she played on their weaknesses. She is cunning. 

Sun Ho wants to be famous. She wants to live the American dream. Just like the Pinoys and lowly educated SPGs, Sun Ho and these stupid women felt that  ONLY America can liberate them.  Give them a sense of new identity, newfound life. A new beginning.

With the finances ready full steam, Sun Ho knows she is ugly like fuck. She knew she had to go through an extreme makeover to break into the US market. But no problem, plastic surgery can transform her neneh from xs to xl; make her nose as thin as pencil; freeze up her face so she has no laugh lines; make her face from human to a horse. Cosmetic surgeries can give her a new identity and a promise of a brand new life. She can alter her appearance to look nothing original. That is like erasing her previous identity. Next she changed her dressing to suit her new body and face. She looked like a goth grandma who tries too hard to be sexy and exotic. Sun Ho, Kong Hee and the church gang team up to make her dream come true – Singapore Chinky woman who thinks she dances like Beyonce but wants to look like Lady Gaga   hopes to top the US music charts. Kong Hee is absolutely fine if she rubs her body against those white or black men. The church is not important anymore. Sun Ho’s American dream is more important.

When vanity motivates a person to undergo surgery, he or she has become his or her own idol. Somehow I thought the Bible warns believers not to be vain or conceited and emphasize on the need to use money that God has entrusted to people wisely.

And of course not forgetting Sun Ho has a sweet young toy boy bodyguard Mark Kwan to take care of her all this time when Kong Hee is not around. Her fuckbuddy cum dancer cum bodyguard cum chaperon cum to cum in her. Oh this Mark I’m sure he rocks her world and her bed. Anyway who doesn't want to fuck a rich goth wannabe grandma? Close the face, fuck the base.

The saddest part of all these saga is the stupid followers. CHC followers are the biggest fools because they funded them - SUN HO and KONG HEE. CHC followers only have themselves to blame and if they still believe in God, they would have to share the burden of sin. What a spectacular show.

It is far better to work on beautifying the person underneath.
I'd rather be seen as honest than a liar.